Period sex.

In 2016 the UK government attempted to block a variety of sex acts in porn from consumption, one of the list being period sex. The ‘Digital Economy Bill’ contained a sneaky clause banning the viewing of adult material with ‘Non-conventional sexual acts’. Period sex was surrounded by such acts as rape fantasy and abusive activity- as if the government considered it on the same level of immorality. However, having sex on your period is incredibly common and can even come with some benefits. It’s not something to be ashamed of and it’s definitely not an act that is hardcore nor vulgar.

Why on earth would I do that?

Note: this is not the most scientific of graphs (and it’s cisnormative) but it’s the best I could find

People with vaginas typically have two major libido rises throughout their cycle- near the end and during your period. This can cause people to get incredibly horny whilst they’re menstruating, which is frustrating as many people (and/or their partners) are uncomfortable with sex whilst bleeding. If both are consenting, period sex can be a great reliever for this pent up frustration! Due to the hormones released by an orgasm, this also helps to relieve your cramps. It may sound a bit disgusting, but the blood can also act as a natural lube which may improve the sex. If your partner is uncomfortable with the blood, condoms/dental damns etc can help provide a barrier! However, if they’re really not up for it- don’t force period sex onto them. It’s not for everyone!

Isn’t it messy?


One of the main concerns about period sex is that it’s especially messy. But honestly, if you throw down a few towels that you’e not fussed about it’s completely fine. Blood doesn’t squirt everywhere or end up on the walls. There’s a very tiny amount of blood that gets expelled per minute, as you only bleed 30/40ml on average over the whole period. It’s also not the end of the world if something does end up stained- just remember to soak it immediately in cold water when it’s fresh. Hot water will set the stain! If you only see the stain when it’s dry, there are thousands of ways to get rid of the mark.

Do you do anything differently when you have sex on your period?

You can have your usual type of intercourse when you’re on your period. Your cervix might be a bit lower and more sensitive on your period so your partner may not be able to go as deep, so try to keep up communication and tell them when you’re in pain so to keep both of your experiences positive! There are some positions which can help lessen your flow, so maybe try out these if you’re going to try something new:

  • Spooning
  • Missionary
  • Shower sex!
  • Reverse cowboy
  • On the edge
  • Butterfly
  • Elevated missionary (Place a pillow under your back!)

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